Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Day Watching Today RT

good day watching today rt
These are my top tweeted words according to as of 9:45pm Saturday February, 20. I can't say I'm surprised by this result. (I am surprised that neither "red" nor "sox" were in the top 5, but at least #redsox was in the top 5 hashtags, so they won't have to revoke my Red Sox Nation Citizenship Card!)
I'm not surprised, but I am a little disappointed with myself, that "watching" is one of my most tweeted words. I would rather it had been "going" as in "I'm going to a Sox game" or "I'm going to New Zealand." Or "making" as in "I'm making another video project." Or "playing" as in "I'm playing my violin more often now." Or "writing" as in "I'm writing a story." Maybe I can work on replacing "watching" with something more proactive.
Does having "RT" as a top tweeted word mean I'm unoriginal and can't come up with my own ideas and just retweet the thoughts of others? Or does it simply mean that I follow some pretty great folks and I like to share their thoughts with my friends? I'm going with the latter.
I am glad that "good" is one of my top words. I'm not an incurable optimist, I just try to ignore the negative when I can't do anything to change it. The fact that "day" and "today" are in the top is also a positive thing: I'm focusing on the present and not the past.
Overall, "good day watching today rt" isn't a bad set of words. What words will show up in the future?

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